The Falling Sky

Castle Sideways

It was rather a good thing that the party decided to move on when they did because the goblins nearby all of the fighting had overheard things and started gathering serious war-parties together suspecting a threat. And while some started putting on the war paint, others got to drumming on those hollow logs that make such good long distance phone service.

Rufus came up with the brilliant revelation that perhaps the party ought to avoid where ever they could hear drums coming from. Rhyea mumbled under breath but didn’t want to be much rudder, as there were other things to worry about. For the rest of the day, the adventurers avoided quagmires and pitfalls throughout the swamp keeping up a breakneck pace, just staying a hilltop or two away from various goblin bands looking for them. Then they came to the western edge of the swamp.

The western edge of the swamp gave way to deep depression caused from the lifting of the spire and its end. Filled with water the area was basically a very large, as in very, very large, if shallow, lake. Grot came up with a plan to make a raft using the small trees and whatnot around them. Instead of using twine, he used the ‘Incantatum’s spell Super-Glue to seal the craft’s bits. Finding some long sticks, the group loaded onto the raft and started making their way across the lake, though night had already fallen.

Hours after dark, I decided the pace of the day was making life hard on everybody and was making even the simplest task a serious saving throw. Of course it was raining also, so poor navigation had been making the trip even longer. The group decided to go ahead and fashion an anchor and sleep as much as they could until daybreak.

As it would happen, Rufus got the last watch, and that is when he heard splashing over the falling rain. Splashing like oars. With a yell, he grabbed he started pulling up the anchor and grabbing for his steering stick. Pyrrenia was helping before she was fully awake. Grot and Rhyea figured the other two had things under control so drew their bows and peered where Rufus stated he had heard the noises.

The rain actually stopped just before sunrise, and glimpses of cool blue sky could be seen through the clouds. Two canoes filled with warrior goblins could also be seen gaining ground on them. The other shore was only three hundred meters away, but the delvers determined that they would not be able to make it before the pursuers could start the fight. So Grot and Rhyea went on the offensive. Grot cast a TTYFz spell blasting most of the goblins in one canoe, while Rhyea got off an arrow into a rower in the same vessel. Pyrrenia thought for a second and put down her steering stick to cast a TTYF at the second canoe, and thanks to the T&T DARO rule, got a special roll and really just blew the thing out of the water. The surviving goblins of both canoes decided that they were outnumbered and decided to either row or swim for home.

Grot noticed that when the goblins went underwater, they didn’t come up. He himself being raised by “an ugly Asian man” didn’t know that his kin was amphibious, infact he was afraid of water. still he looked over the side of the raft with a little curiousity, but not too much…

On the far shore at last, the band of delvers could feel the morning sun growing stronger and burning off the briskness of the past few days. The group as a whole decided to spend a day and night relaxing and recouping.

(more to come)

Castle Sideways

Making their way into the swamp, as said before, Grot could smell nothing but goblin and mud in the surrounding area. But for the next couple of days, the group would spend more time avoiding falling into deeper bits of the swamp than any thing else. Sometimes they didn’t avoid it, but the Warrior-Wizard discovered a laundry spell in the 7.5 expansion set, entitled Codex Incantatum (or some such), so things weren’t completely miserable. Not like I was trying to make the player-characters miserable or anything, what with it raining most of the time and being in the 50’s and 60’s during the day. A definite lack of solid ground could keep the group searching for a suitable camp site well past twilight.

The provisions were starting to get low, as the last bit of big cat meat was more than a bit gamy. But before they could get to hunting, they came to something a bit odd. At the bottom of a basin area, the group spied what could only be described as a nest of very thick vines, ending in human-torso sized flowers shaped like unopened tulips. In the middle of the nest were hobb-sized bean pods with large lumps in them, sometimes four, usually three. Before they could investigate this strange group of flora, Rhyea heard something coming from around the corner.

The delvers slid into the shrubs around them just before a large band of goblins came around the far bend. There were more than a dozen of them, six of which were obviously warriors, as they had a special uniform armor piece. On their right forearm they wore a yellow arm-band that continued into a leather flap that covered the rest of the arm and shoulder to taper off into two tips that were tied before the left shoulder. Besides the warriors, the rest were mostly female who carried wicker baskets. When they approached the flowers around the nest all reared up and opened their petals to reveal sharp teeth and snake-like tongues. When the “Snap Dragons” recognized the approaching goblin’s scent they relaxed and coo’ed like pets. Some of the women fed the plant beasts little vermin that were in their baskets while others went to work on the giant green beans.

The women working on the bean pods, cut open the flaps and pulled out very large cabbage-looking things, which they placed gingerly into an empty basket. From another basket, the goblins would lift out doll-sized goblin things that looked almost like roots but were also flaccid. Once the transaction was complete, the goblins would fold where they had cut back together, and carry the cabbage-looking things over to a nearby stream/pond where they plopped the items into. The cabbages would bob for a second then start to sink into the water, the woman would then give her baskets to a warrior and then walk into the water themselves. When all the bean pods had been completed, the remaining goblins wandered back around the bend.

Rhyea looked at everyone for some sort of glimmer of comprehension. Pyrrenia said that she’d seen dyrads and some elves do something like that before to make babies in times of great crisis, but with trees. Grot was pretty sure he could think of different ways of making babies that didn’t require so much gardening. Rufus had no idea, but whatever just happened didn’t look “right” to him. The hobb tried to sneak up, but the snap dragons scented her fast and had her hoofing it back to the group in no time. She got Grot to give it a try, but the snap dragons weren’t just accepting any old goblin. He escaped within an inch of his life.

With this mystery in mind, the group decided to concentrate on gathering more food for the journey ahead. I ruled that everyone who wanted to hunt would do so alone, as that is how I have hunted in the past, at least when hunting wasn’t an excuse for beer-drinking and shooting junk. Rhyea, as to be expected, found trouble in a blink. Four regular old goblins carrying a swamp deer, about as large as a tall dog, who drooped their catch when they spotted the hobb who had shot an arrow at them.

The hobb never one for being slow-witted, devised a great battle strategy, which was to RUN back towards the camp area, where Grot, too much of a samurai to hunt, was practicing Karate Kid maneuvers. So the fight went kind of quick. And by the end of it, Rhyea had “bagged a deer” so to speak. Rufus had some luck himself, two deer and some rabbits before the afternoon sun slipped behind the spire looming in the west. Pyrrenia came back empty-handed, never one for roughing it anyway. And with very little time to loose, Grot and Rhyea convinced everyone that the party should continue traveling before cleaning their catches.

(more to come)

Castle Sideways,
part II, the Falling Sky, Tunnels and Trolls

The hike out to the western hills had decent enough weather, chilly but fairly sunny during the short days. Grot every now and then smelt yyena, also called hyena-kin, come close to the party but then skirt away. Rufus, dressed in his “adventurer” gear (leather armor and wool clothing), still carried his knives and cleaver in his waist belt. Rhyia and Pyrrenia followed along rather numbly and talking among themselves where the men couldn’t hear about whatever it is that women talk about. At times they ran into whole herds of cattle roaming freely, and very wary of people and predators alike. Other times sheep would be seen fleeing packs of wild dogs through the rubble that would remain of one time villages.

On the third night, just as the group was approaching the West Mountains, Rufus commented on how he wished he still had a horse. This piqued the hobb’s curiosity.

‘Why aren’t there any horses?” Rhyia asked.

“Oh the warlords took them all for themselves.” He answered.

He went on to explain that the warlords were lords and generals who seized power after the nations of the world fell into chaos five years ago. They kept the horses for themselves and allowed the livestock that they didn’t keep to the regular people or just the wilds of the world. Entire wars for this or that pack of horses occurred more often than anything else. By the end of the telling, one could tell that Rufus didn’t think much of the warlords and the way they were running things.

That night, Rhyea was pulling her watch as the others slept and she heard a warped roar, like a GM with GM with a sore throat saying “yrowwwl.” She awakened everyone but the sound did not happen again. Still being cautious, the group decided to pull two man watches. When it was Grot and Rufus’s share towards the wee hours, Grot saw what he thought was golden panther which smiled at him and winked, then disappeared.

“Glimmer cats!” Rufus cried when told of this. “The damn leprechauns of the cats!”

“They’re rich?” Asked Rhyea rubbing her eyes from all the noise.

Grot cast a Mirror Image of the group next to them, while Pyrrenia cast a Hidey-Hole spell. Which I gave away AP’s because the strategy came together nicely and was rather clever. Clever except that the Glimmer Cats are very scent driven, so only one out of the six attacking fell for the decoy.

Still four out of the six Glimmer cats were killed while two just ran away. Rhyea, never one to be squeamish, came up with clever ideas for the panthers’ paws, which Rufus cut especially for her. The team had the metalic gold pelts of their kills as booty, and panther meat enough for five days.

Crossing over the mountains was not very hard. The gorge that group ran along side the Big Flowing River. Heading down into the valley beyond the West Mountains, Rufus almost fell over seeing the changes to the area. A fat asteroid wad struck the far ridge and started piling up a wedge of land into something of a quarter mile high spire, at the top of which was the wizard’s tower. The area had been a rather torrid region before the spire started cooling the air by scraping the high altitudes, but over the past years the increased rains had turned the lowlands into a massive swamp.

On the way down, Grot smelled nothing but goblin. Pyrrenia took a chance glance behind her and saw two yyenna, about a half mile away, duck behind some rocks. Rufus grumbled something about,

“Is this really worth two hundred cronug?”

(more to come)

Castle Sideways
Tunnels and Trolls

Mandy, Steve, and Robin chose to use characters that they had acquired playing in other GMs’ games at the Flying Buffalo Convention last August, or in Mandy’s case from a PBEM game that was a part of last month or so. Mandy had Rhyea, a 3rd lvl, Rogue, hobb female, who makes her living adventuring as her career as a dancer just isn’t taking off, in more ways than one, if you know what I mean… . Steve boosted Grot Nor, a male goblin paragon, dress as a samurai, to 2nd level after we worked out what AP he probably would’ve gotten from the sit down game where the character came from. And Robin chose her failed “infernalist,” 4th level Rogue, elf female Pyrrenia. The three characters were approached by Khenn Arrth, often said to be the human avatar of the Trollgod, to travel to the world of Movendeva and find the Gods’ Fountain Pen for a nice price as well as entrance into the membership of Trollhalla, a much vaulted club for T&T characters, even if they aren’t trolls. Once they agreed the human Paragon (a warrior-wizard), tapped the door behind them and said,

“This is the way you will want to be going.”

As the three delvers stepped through the door they stepped out into an open area where five streets came together. Around them were buildings made of round stones, white plaster, and steep elevated roofs. The wooden door and window frames were wooden and painted a dark earthy brown. The sky overhead of the three was amazing. The dark blue sky and its billowing clouds shared the space with large chunks of land and whatnot hoovered over head while the high winds sent plumes of brown mists tinged with reds of clays and whites of salts, and rainbow halos where water was falling. Around them large burly humans bound in mismatched outfits of armor and thick wool clothing, even the old ladies and kids. Grot was the first to get worried and pulled down his samurai face mask to hide his goblin face. Someone noticed the elf standing with two kid-sized adventurers next to her, and pointed out that Out-of-Towners usually swing by the Dead Rogue Inn, just up the street from the ‘Five Corners’ where they were standing. He also advised them that the folk of Krakow were no-nonsense sorts and could handle fancy hoity-toity adventurers if they caused problems.

At the Inn, Rutger, the barkeep, welcomed the three non-humans to Krakow, after they bought a round of drinks of course and he verified that the foreign coin they offered as payment was indeed gold. He even made fair change for them in the local currency, with a little transaction fee. After a while, someone finally broached a question to man pertaining to the Gods’ Fountain Pen. The Keeper didn’t know anything, but he did know an adventurer who frequented the place, a Rufus Kax, who was a decent butcher if nothing else. He wouldn’t be in until the evening, so the players decided to walk around the city and do some sightseeing.

The city had been through its share of hardships, almost half of it was rebuilt from rubble, and a lot of the debris remained in piles. The locals kept wary eyes on the three, but no one harassed them. To the west of town, a range of mountains where the Big Flow River, which ran directly through the center of town, originated. Behind those mountains a massive looming chunk of the falling planet loomed in the sky, throwing a shadow across everything well before evening. The air chilled rapidly as the sun set behind the asteroid.

Back at the Dead Rogue Inn, the three delvers caught some dinner. Rufus arrived, a big jolly fellow, wearing a clean butcher’s apron with his sharpened chef knives and cleaver (two small daggers and a small axe), tucked into his leather belt. The man was all smiles having just completed his first “adventure” though it took him some five years to do so, because of all the “troubles,” since the Rogue Planet appeared. His warmth didn’t diminish when the elf and her two kids, he assumed, approached him. Grot pulled his mask up and took off his helmet, the butcher reeled backwards and drew his clever. He was shocked at seeing a goblin in a civilized part of the world, as on Movendeva things were still a little backwards, probably through no fault of their own. As Grot explained that he was a Samurai first and honor-bound to be civilized, the details were wasted on Rufus but he did calm down and started calling the goblin “Sam” after that. But he kept pinching Rhyia’s cheeks and saying to Pyrrenia, that it wasn’t a good idea to let your kids play with goblins.

When the subject of Gods’ Fountain Pen came up, Rufus admitted he had never heard of such a thing. But he did have a friend, the wizard who assigned him to go on his first adventure, who might be able to help. He also added that there may be a problem there. He had heard that the wizard’s tower was being crashed into a piece of the other planet and that goblins, the uncivilized kind, had popped up all around the place. He would appreciate any help he could get in checking out the fate of his friend, who did owe him some money after all, and would share other booty gained with the other adventurers. And with that, the three players and NPC agreed to meet in the morning and begin their trek to Castle Sideways.

(more later)

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