The Falling Sky

Castle Sideways

It was rather a good thing that the party decided to move on when they did because the goblins nearby all of the fighting had overheard things and started gathering serious war-parties together suspecting a threat. And while some started putting on the war paint, others got to drumming on those hollow logs that make such good long distance phone service.

Rufus came up with the brilliant revelation that perhaps the party ought to avoid where ever they could hear drums coming from. Rhyea mumbled under breath but didn’t want to be much rudder, as there were other things to worry about. For the rest of the day, the adventurers avoided quagmires and pitfalls throughout the swamp keeping up a breakneck pace, just staying a hilltop or two away from various goblin bands looking for them. Then they came to the western edge of the swamp.

The western edge of the swamp gave way to deep depression caused from the lifting of the spire and its end. Filled with water the area was basically a very large, as in very, very large, if shallow, lake. Grot came up with a plan to make a raft using the small trees and whatnot around them. Instead of using twine, he used the ‘Incantatum’s spell Super-Glue to seal the craft’s bits. Finding some long sticks, the group loaded onto the raft and started making their way across the lake, though night had already fallen.

Hours after dark, I decided the pace of the day was making life hard on everybody and was making even the simplest task a serious saving throw. Of course it was raining also, so poor navigation had been making the trip even longer. The group decided to go ahead and fashion an anchor and sleep as much as they could until daybreak.

As it would happen, Rufus got the last watch, and that is when he heard splashing over the falling rain. Splashing like oars. With a yell, he grabbed he started pulling up the anchor and grabbing for his steering stick. Pyrrenia was helping before she was fully awake. Grot and Rhyea figured the other two had things under control so drew their bows and peered where Rufus stated he had heard the noises.

The rain actually stopped just before sunrise, and glimpses of cool blue sky could be seen through the clouds. Two canoes filled with warrior goblins could also be seen gaining ground on them. The other shore was only three hundred meters away, but the delvers determined that they would not be able to make it before the pursuers could start the fight. So Grot and Rhyea went on the offensive. Grot cast a TTYFz spell blasting most of the goblins in one canoe, while Rhyea got off an arrow into a rower in the same vessel. Pyrrenia thought for a second and put down her steering stick to cast a TTYF at the second canoe, and thanks to the T&T DARO rule, got a special roll and really just blew the thing out of the water. The surviving goblins of both canoes decided that they were outnumbered and decided to either row or swim for home.

Grot noticed that when the goblins went underwater, they didn’t come up. He himself being raised by “an ugly Asian man” didn’t know that his kin was amphibious, infact he was afraid of water. still he looked over the side of the raft with a little curiousity, but not too much…

On the far shore at last, the band of delvers could feel the morning sun growing stronger and burning off the briskness of the past few days. The group as a whole decided to spend a day and night relaxing and recouping.

(more to come)



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