It is the time of the Falling Sky. When a rogue planet came into the night sky of our fair world, it was soon determined that the impossibly large environ was hurtling directly at us. Our esteemed sorcerers and sages came together to study the problem and find a solution. And with an amazing display of ancient and awesome powers sent forth island-sized bolts of energy everyday for almost a year to pulverize the approaching world into something smaller than pixie dust.

Things didn’t quite work out that way. The planet did indeed break up, but into enormous chunks, many bigger than most continents on our own. These planetoids and various other debris were still en route to straight at us. There was many months of panic and chaos throughout the known, and unknown, world. Nations, empires, and kingdoms fell upon themselves and everyone viewed each other as potential enemy competing for the precious resources of water and food, sometimes silverware, in the light of the up-coming catastrophe.

When the wizard Khazan, a very rare visitor indeed, appeared and gathered together all the sorcerers and sages that he could gather into what is now called the Solution. No one knows what was said or even what transpired, but something did occur. The projectiles from beyond did not stop but slowed their deadly velocity to a mere crawl. While the sun still rises and set, the seasons change, and the years move on, the other world moves at a glacier’s pace, still striking the land and sea but slow enough not to cause the great heat and clouds of soil-thick dust that was expected. In some cases entire city-states have been plowed over foot by foot each month, and other places live each day staring up at the piece that will strike their home one day, just not that day. As for the wizards and scholars that Khazan-from-Afar gathered, no one has seen them since.

In places where the two planets are joined strange beings and alien magicks have arisen. Sometimes the foreign sorcery will warp the world around it as well as the beings that dwell nearby. The peoples there feel they are weathering the brunt of an invasion and grow harsh, often rejecting the modern trappings of our world’s civilization for more base and brutal ways. Others, often born after the start of these times, do not know any other world. It is these time though that all are given, so mote it be.

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The Falling Sky